What Money Archetype Are You?

What Money Archetype Are You?

Your money archetypes are symbolic metaphors that help us to understand our patterns and behaviours. Archetypes are powerful “teachers” and “allies” since they inform us of where we need to grow.

Money Coaching

The mission of Money Coaching is to fill this greatly needed gap by becoming an internationally recognized center for creating more purposeful and prosperous lives through education, awareness and empowerment.

Debt Restructuring

Our comprehensive debt restructuring plans has one of the highest success rates in the industry because we make sure that our plans do more than just get rid of consumer debt. They really do work.

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I’m really thankful for coming across Jennifer because even from our first conversation, it seemed my case didn’t qualify but she kept working on it to find a debt restructuring solution. She found a way to help me out.

Feline, North Vancouver, BC

With 4 Pillars help with my debt I can sleep properly now, less stress and I can spend more time with my kids. As a couple we don’t fight about money anymore and we learned to spend the money wisely.

Jennifer, North Vancouver, BC

I am very much happy that it came up to less than 60% now of my debt. Now it is much easier for me to pay less than the minimum payment.

Joanna, North Vancouver, BC

They were able to explain everything to me in a way I could better understand. The advice they have given me to get my life back on track has been great. And I look forward to the future knowing I have them on my side.

Harlyn, North Vancouver, BC

4 pillars (Steven DuBarry) was very helpful and informative in successfully guiding me through the consumer proposal process and counselling me on credit rebuilding. I am so thankful and would highly recommend this service to anyone struggling with debt and financial security.

Best decision I ever made. I don’t worry about not having enough money to pay my bills. Jennifer was very helpful and professional through the whole process I have learned alot about saving and spending.

Lindsay, North Vancouver, BC

Steve taught me my options as a debtor, showed me where to improve and take control of my finances, I am well on my way to debt freedom and my credit score is climbing.

I am very happy because my big debt is now manageable. I just wanted to get rid of the interest on my credit cards. And Boom! 4 Pillars solved my problem. Before it was painful to check my accounts and now I am doing better things with our money.

Harlyn, North Vancouver, BC

I was in an overwhelming financial situation and needed help so badly. I turned to 4 Pillars when one of my friends recommeded it. It has been life changing after that thanks to Jennifer and Martin.

Lorraine, North Vancouver, BC

Debt Help for North Vancouver

Jennifer Virani

Every choice we make has stemmed from some belief that we developed along the way. Many people are making financial choices that aren’t benefiting their true values and find it difficult to make changes. To change it we need to name it. As a certified money coach (CMC), I am here to help uncover the emotional and complicated money behaviors and beliefs so that you can start to create the financial future you desire. By looking into the past and your current situation we can start to put together tools to give you your power back when it comes to your relationship with money and the life you want to live.

Debt Relief Specialist London, Ontario

Steven DuBarry

Steve understands what your debt is costing you: financially, personally, and professionally. He has both empathy and compassion to make sure YOU get the best possible outcome. In an industry where many clients do not know whom to talk to or where to turn, you can be sure that Steve and 4 Pillars Consulting Group are both qualified and excited to help you find much-needed relief from your debt and help rebuild your credit so you can get your life back on track.